Who Am I?

(R)Evolutionary Endurance


An ultra-marathoner
with a
PhD in Human Endurance

With a particular focus on the psychology and physiology of endurance, including:

– Mental toughness and resilience
– Aerobic capacity, cardio-vascular fitness, running economy
– Perception of effort and mental fatigue
– Genetics , human genome, microbiome
– Evolutionary biology, evolutionary endurance, anthroplogy

Currently exploring endurance through an interdisciplinary, scientific, research approach, with a focus on ultra-marathoners. True understanding of our capacity for endurance is likey to result from placing our psychology within a truly ecological context, including our evolutionary history, our somatic nervous system (i.e. the body and bodily sensations) and our genetics.

My aim is to share science-based expertise, relevant to the field of human endurance, to academics and interested non-academics, providing a hub for the latest research.

All thoughts are my own.
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