Month: October 2019

(R)Evolutionary Endurance

Solving the Happiness Equation

Happiness Is a Choice Martin Seligman was weeding the garden with his five-year old daughter Nikki. It was 1999, and he had recently been elected as president of the American Psychological Association (APA) — the largest and most prestigious organization of psychologists in the United States. Nikki was singing and dancing while throwing weeds up…
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What Is Mental Toughness, and Can You Increase It?

When we talk of someone being mentally tough, we typically describe them as self-assured, confident, courageous, and bold. Ask any athlete what the concept means in sport, and they will answer, ‘you need to be resilient,’ ‘thrive in competition,’ ‘be self-confident,’ and ‘handle the pressure.’ But these statements describe behaviour, rather than what’s going on…
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