Understanding Endurance through [R]Evolutionary Science


Taking the best, and latest, scientific methods, and research, from multiple fields to better understand human endurance


Exploring endurance limits using both psychological and physiological measures


Positioning our knowledge of endurance within our evolutionary heritage, human genome and somatic nervous system (i.e. body and bodily sensations)

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Entering ‘Flow’ Can Make Hard Exercise More Enjoyable

How to get into the zone

Think back to the last time you felt utterly absorbed in an activity: a sport, hobby, book, task, or conversation. Colloquially, it’s known as being in the zone. Psychologists call the phenomenon “flow.”

Are There Hard Limits to Human Performance?

Chasing the elusive two-hour marathon

Marathon records have improved significantly over the years for both men and women, yet no one has ever run a marathon in two hours or less. The fastest marathon ever recorded happened in Berlin in 2018 at two hours, one minute, and 39 seconds. Among runners and endurance athletes, the two-hour marathon is considered the Everest of endurance.

Toughening the Mind by Challenging the Body

How to build a mindset for endurance

It is less well-known that endurance training also stresses, and ultimately develops, the athlete’s mindset. But scientists and psychologists are finally beginning to uncover the connection between challenging the body and building a resilient brain.

What Is Mental Toughness, and Where Can I Get Some?

Research into athletes’ mindsets can help every person become psychologically stronger

Since the human psyche is strongly influenced not only by external but also internal voices, our mental state can benefit from psychological tools including positive thinking, visualization, attentional control, and goal setting.

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What Is Mental Toughness, and Can You Increase It?

When we talk of someone being mentally tough, we typically describe them as self-assured, confident, courageous, and bold. Ask any athlete what the concept means in sport, and they will[…]

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Adaptations From Our Evolutionary Past Impact Sports Psychology Today

The effect of evolutionary psychology on sport The Theory of Natural Selection is able to unify all species, past and present. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection shook the world when[…]

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Mismatch Illnesses — Why We No Longer Fit the World in Which We Live

What can save us from ourselves? A giraffe wandering the plains of the African Savanna reaches high into the lush foliage near the top of the tree. An impala –[…]

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Exercise Can Help Reduce the Impact of Alzheimer’s Disease

As little as 10 minutes of exercise improves cognitive impairment Recent research has shown that not only does exercise benefit our general cardiovascular health, but also our mental well-being. Indeed,[…]

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Mental Toughness Provides the Athlete With Both a Natural and a Developed Edge

But do we really understand what mental toughness is? A better understanding of the psychological factors that elevate sporting performance will lead to improved evidence-based, practical, psychological intervention for athletes.[…]

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There is No Magic 10,000 Hours Rule

The popular account of deliberate practice is wrong No one, no matter how gifted, is born an expert in chess, or with the ability to play the violin. And no one, no[…]

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Our capacity for 
endurance is without limits

True understanding of our capacity for endurance is likely to result from placing our psychology within a truly ecological context, and an embodied mind, including our evolutionary history, our somatic nervous system (i.e. the body and bodily sensations) and our genetics.

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