Understanding Endurance through [R]Evolutionary Science


Taking the best, and latest, scientific methods, and research, from multiple fields to better understand human endurance


Exploring endurance limits using both psychological and physiological measures


Positioning our knowledge of endurance within our evolutionary heritage, human genome and somatic nervous system (i.e. body and bodily sensations)

Our capacity for 
endurance is without limits

True understanding of our capacity for endurance is likely to result from placing our psychology within a truly ecological context, and an embodied mind, including our evolutionary history, our somatic nervous system (i.e. the body and bodily sensations) and our genetics.

Latest News

Recent research identifying key scientific insights into endurance, including findings from psychology, physiology, genetics, evolutionary psychology and biomechanics.

What is the ‘Self-Determination Theory’?

Self Determination Theory The Self-determination Theory (SDT) is a theory of human motivation based on our inherent tendency towards growth and is rooted in the knowledge that we are evolved,[…]

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Theories of motivation – what’s the background?

So, what is motivation? Motivation impacts an individual’s capacity to focus, and sustains, directs and channels human behaviour over an extended period of time. Indeed, a strong drive to achieve[…]

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